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Eccolo Media 2014 B2B Technology Survey Report The Eccolo Media 2014 B2B Technology Content Survey Report

Our sixth annual survey remains one of the few in the world that targets technology professionals and details how they use marketing collateral and content during the sales cycle. As always, we include key takeaways and best practices that can help you optimize your marketing communications assets for maximum results.

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Our survey is more comprehensive than ever and is full of new findings, including:
  • Exactly how six distinct buyer personas consume content in each phase of the technology sales cycle.
  • Why LinkedIn has more upside potential than Facebook in the world of content marketing.
  • How content marketers can increase the perceived influence of all B2B content, starting today.
This year, for the first time, we are delivering our report using a social publishing tool called Digarati. This new platform makes it easy to leave a comment, ask a question, and share the survey with others.

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Brand Content Today, August 2012
Infographics began making a serious splash on sites like Digg and Reddit in 2009. Since then, the proliferation of infographics has been a bona fide Internet phenomenon, with the production of these assets increasing by the rate of 1% every day.

Marketers may be creating infographics, but can CMOs assign a business value to this popular but unproven tool? The August issue of Brand Content Today offers a peak into the history of infographics and when they canóand can'tódeliver real value.

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Brand Content Today, June 2012
Social media marketing has emerged as a must-have strategy for CMOs looking to engage and interact with B2B customers. The June 2012 issue of Brand Content Today outlines the opportunities and requirements for ensuring true success in the B2B Social Web.

Which social platform do I use? And what kind of marketing tactics are most effective for engaging B2B audiences? This issue answers these questions and more, while weighing in on topics such as the "consumerization" of B2B brand and social ranking. For those looking to optimize their B2B social strategy, this is a must-read.

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Brand Content Today, April 2012
Content Curation: Best Practices for Collecting and Disseminating Fresh, Comprehensive Content

With experts estimating that Internet content will soon double every 72 hours, CMOs need new and innovative ways to stand out from the B2B crowd. Content Curation has emerged as an effective solution, but where do you start?

The April 2012 issue of Brand Content Today offers best practices and formulas for successfully engaging customers through content, while exploring the ethics and legality surrounding this innovative exploding marketing practice. No B2B marketer can afford to miss this.

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Brand Content Today, March 2012
Why Mobile Devices are Driving the B2B Content Revolution: Six Trending Stories From the B2B Mobile Landscape

Today, more people read content on their iPads than they do using traditional media and they spend a longer amount of time reading that content. More than 70 percent of executives under 40 stated that mobile is their primary communications tool.

The March 2012 issue of Brand Content Today presents CMOs with current trends and opportunities spawned by mobile B2B content marketing. From format and file type, to interactivity and optimization, we predict that mobility will change how your company will communicate with business users forever.

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Brand Content Today, February 2012
How Smart Customer Content Will Increase ROI: Five Questions CMOs Must Ask Before Funding Customer Reference Programs

When it comes to content marketing, nothing provides the biggest bang-for-the-buck than leveraging the voice of your existing customers. But given that Gartner reported in a 2011 survey that CMOs say ROI on marketing spend will be the number one method for determining their organization's success by 2015, how can you ensure your company's customer reference program has the focus and reach to generate the return you're after?

In the February issue of Brand Content Today, we pose the five questions every CMO should be asking his or her customer reference teams in 2012 to ensure best results and measurable ROI.

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Brand Content Today, January 2012
Why Content Marketing is Changing the CMO Mandate: Five Things Your Team Must Do Differently in 2012

The U.S. content marketing sector is now a forty-billion dollar industry and marketers are predicting their content marketing budgets will increase in 2012. From Webinars to discussion forums, from Web landing pages and social channels, to lead nurture and management, none of these tactics can be deployed without relevant content that attracts the end user to engage—and lots of it.

In our inaugural issue of Brand Content Today, we discuss the five things CMOs must mandate their marketing organization do differently to refit and prepare for high-volume content production.

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line Five Cost-Effective Ways to Create More Interactive Content
We saw it first in our 2010 B2B Technology Collateral Survey and we see it anecdotally with clients: interactive content increases the influence of marketing collateral. Are you keeping pace? Learn how you can take advantage of every opportunity to make your content more engaging and influential by complementing it with interactive components.

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Flip This! Five Things You Need to Know About Using Flip HD™ Camcorders to Create User-Generated B2B Video
This Strategy Guide outlines five tips that you can use to create and execute a thoughtful, successful marketing campaign featuring user-generated Flip videos. Video campaigns can help you increase your brand awareness, connect with your clients, and help expand your marketing footprint.

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Five Steps to Quality Lead Management Content
Delivering a fresh stream of content into the lead management pipeline is essential. But how do you ensure that you're delivering the highest-quality content possible? This interactive Strategy Guide outlines five steps for creating stellar lead nurture content that will encourage the deep engagement you're looking for.

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